Saturday, January 3, 2009

Punch Needle Seashell "Relax, Renew, Refresh"

Hello and Happy New Year! Yes, I'm still here but not stamping much lately. Sometimes I just get burned out on doing the same thing and have to switch gears. So, here is what I'm working on right now. I've never done Punch Needle embroidery but its super simple and fast. Michaels had a 50% off coupon and when I saw the colors, I knew it would be perfect for our Guest Room. Plus the words on it, "Relax, Renew, Refresh" were just what I wanted to convey in that room.

All you do is separate embroidery floss to 3 strands, insert thread into the punch tool using their needle threader and "fill in" areas of a pre-printed picture by putting the needle tool in and out like a sewing machine. Like it says on the box, "Very Relaxing" (unless you have a 4 month old puppy trying to bite all the little threads!) The last picture in the collage above shows where I'm at today. Hopefully, it will look just like the pictures which are also shown in the collage above.


jaycee said...

You never cease to amaze me! Never bored, for sure. The guest room looks sooo cozy.

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