Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Giant Star Card

I am SO excited! About a week ago I found this really cool template available from Paper Wishes for a Giant Star Card. Well, actually, I bought all 4 of the new sized card templates, who could resist!? I wanted you to see all the details so I made a photo collage. The first picture shows the finished card on top of the template. These are BIG 12 x 12 templates, made to work with one sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock. Because this is my very first one, I used some paper I picked up at the dollar store... I KNOW, can you believe it? These templates make if very easy to trace, cut out and fold absolutely stunning cards. The upper right picture shows the inside of the card. The center piece can be cut out of any color paper and the lines are right on the template, again, just trace. The center flower is another, smaller folded flower, also on the template, and a brad. The center of both flowers is clearly marked, just punch and insert a brad. Even the tag is on the template! Lower left picture shows a close up of the cute little tag. I added a "Happy Birthday" rub on and then drew on the stitching lines and swirls. While I'm on the "swirls", the swirls on the large flower are also on the template. You simply flip the template over, line up the petals and trace in the swirl pattern. I went over the little dots on mine with glitter glue for the shine. Lower right picture hows just how large these cards are, 6 1/2 full inches folded up. These cards can be given just like this and are absolutely beautiful OR you could make or buy 8 x 8 envelopes like these. I can't wait to make and share the other 3 templates!


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