Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trip to IKEA

My husband and I finally went down Burbank, CA to IKEA yesterday. We made plans about a month ago to go down with our kids, but one by one, they dropped out so it was just us. Like the rest of you, I'm always trying to organize all my good stuff so it will be easy to use, store and my room will look neat and organized. So... this is what I found. Before that, my rubber stamps are one of my biggest challenges in my room. I'm still using a majority of the wood backed stamps and let's face it, they take up SPACE. When I found this drawer set called Alex, I knew it would hold what I have right now and give me a surface to work on on the top. Here is a picture. Ok, I went a little crazy and bought 3, but remember, I have a lot of stamps! I'll do before and after pictures for you.

Then, I had already started with one of IKEA's kitchen type basket sorting system, Bygel, and I got a few more baskets for that. 

Today is put everything together day so I'll let you know how it goes. I'm very excited!


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