Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sealed With A Fish

Back when I was about 9 years old my mom and dad allowed me to have a one gallon fish tank. My little neighbor friend set me up with gravel, guppies and seaweed. I LOVED my fish and without heat, light and filtration of any kind, they THRIVED! I think I had to end up giving them all away a few years later when I moved. This year was the year to once again take the "plunge" and set up another tank for my grandson. I found a really nice 6 gallon Eclipse tank and once again, I'm in love. This card is a tribute to my fish (and frogs). At the end of a day, there's nothing like spending some time sitting in front of the aquarium, just staring at my fishies peaceful existence. It is a "gel" card, made with a small bag full of hair gel and glitter to simulate water. If  you want to make a card too, you can find the directions here.


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