Friday, July 18, 2008

Craft Room Update

I've been busy this week re-organizing my craft room - yes again. This is like revision #4 or #5. All the stamps are in the new IKEA drawers and they look fabulous! I took some before and after pictures so you could see what it used to look like.

OK, this is the before. These are the wire bins from Target. On the bottom they were open and I stored my stamps like this.

I used the strong plastic paper holders with a piece of cardboard on the back, then aligned the stamps into a logical position, similar types and snapped them closed. All my Stampin' Up stamps were just stacked in the last two bins.(Can you see that mess!)  THIS was NOT working! Above the bins are my paper shelves. We "constructed" these from a second box of the wire shelving and tie wraps, I know, but it worked. At Michael's, I found the larger, stronger paper holders and that's where I stored my 12 x 12 paper. This was a relatively economical means of storage, I just felt like I out grew the space. So my new stamps have a new home and I still need to figure out the 12 x 12 paper. What I'll probably do for now is put the paper in the old rubber stamp holders filed in a cloth bin I have. Well, I'll show you in a couple of days when I take those pictures. The good news is, I found my desktop so I can start participating regularly in the SCS challenges again, and I'm not tripping over anything on the floor anymore. HURRAY!
Stay tuned... you don't want to miss the after pictures!


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