Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's On Your Crafting Desk?

September is here and along with it, a color palette change. I've started a new project, A Vacation Tag Album using shipping tags to take along with me on our upcoming vacation. As I was sitting at my desk, I started to wonder what everyone else was up to and what was on THEIR desk. Have you started incorporating the Fall colors yet? Have you moved right through Fall to Winter? What are you working on? Here's a picture of what was on my desk Sunday morning.

Lucky me, I found some 12 x 12 fall color paper hiding in my stash and was able to quickly cut it into 4 and 3/4 x 2 and 3/8 size pieces. Actually it was a bit smaller because I bound the tags BEFORE I decorated. (Won't do THAT again) Then I'm distressing the edges and inking them with Tim Holtz "Old Paper" distress ink. Each page looks almost like material when its complete. I intend to cut some coordinating paper into frames, text blocks, and decorations so I can add pictures as we go from place to place on vacation. I'll share when we return!

Since paper isn't my ONLY passion and it is Fall, how about this as a teaser.

That's right... MATERIAL!! At our local Walmart, they sell packages of fat quarters from a company called Quick Cuts. This particular pack was Floral Bundle. I fell in LOVE with the browns, orages, reds, creams and light greens of this pack. Right up my "Fall" alley! I've got a little "baby" project in mind for this, a cute little crib quilt. It's either going to be a Bisquit or Puff quilt or a Pinwheel quilt. It's been a while since I've quilted so I'm keeping to what I know.

You know what else looks good to me?


Is she cute or WHAT??!! I'd love to make myself one of these cute little knitted hats and Michelle over at Wee Folk Art has posted the directions to knit one of your very own! This one is called the Twirl and Tie cap. The soft rainbow colors are calling my name... calling my name SO much that I'm going to my local knit shop tomorrow and getting some lessons in knitting!!

I think that's why I like Fall so much... the colors, all the warm, cozy crafts, the smells of apples and pumpkin bread and crisp air.

So what's on YOUR desk?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tag Swap

I know, just when you thought I must have thrown out all my stamps, I make a stamping post. Well, I would NEVER get rid of my stamps unless I absolutely had to!

A couple of weeks ago, Jana,
(2WorldsWings) decided to do a 12 person tag swap which I was lucky enough to participate in! The rules... make 12 tags with at least 2 designs on it and send it in by the 23rd of July. So I got crackin'!

I used the Avery Shipping Tags with the reinforced Hole (4 3/4 x 2 3/8) in the manilla color for my tags.

The two stamps I used were
Lady in Repose from Rubber Stampede and Grid Pattern from Hero Arts. I stamped the lady first, a little towards the right side. Next, I cut a simple square rectangular mask to cover her while I stamped the second stamp to cover the background. After making 12 of these, I added a little label on the back stating the stamps I used. Finally, I made an information tag with my information using the large tag from the McGill Multi Tags punch. I went ahead and inked around the edges with Tim HoltzVintage Photo distress ink. Then using the same ink, I stamped half the butterfly from Inkadinkado's Nostalgia.
After completing a tag for the Hostess, I took a picture of what I had done and made up a contact sheet of the photo. Then I took a 3/4 in. punch and punched it out and affixed it to the other side of the tag. Pretty cute!!

And, here they are... all 12 plus the Hostess tag. This is probably one of the first things I've stamped in over a month and it was so much fun. Lately, I've been taking some classes and beefing up my knowledge of Photoshop and digital scrapbooking. I'll be posting some of the fun things I've been working on from that world next.

The finished tag. In case you wanted information about it. I colored in random squares of the grid with various soft pastel markers. The heart edge was made using Martha Stewart's Looped Hearts punch (tricky!!) It was a bit of an after thought too as you can see by the center section that ISN'T punched but has a designer paper strip!! Looks planned though and that is what crafting is all about right?? I used chalk for the colors of her hair, cheeks, lips and eyelids so I would get a really soft effect. Over the whole Woman in Repose stamp, I used Crackle Crystal Effects so I would look like cracked glass over a really old picture. The two flowers on the lower left corner were made using the Sizzix Die 3-D flowers. It was the first time I had the die out of the package and it was really easy to use with elegant results. Then I went over the scrollwork on the Grid stamp with green marker in 3 shades to make it seem more leaf like. On the top right corner is one of Tim Holtz Ideaology Antique Corners. I replaced the simple thread on the top with satin ribbon in light pink, green and white. All I can say is, I should have made 2!!

**Remember, when you make one for someone else, make one for yourself too. It's easier to do AT THE SAME TIME rather than trying to remember what you did to achieve the results**

Thanks for taking a peek today and I'll have more up soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Patriotic Book Bag

My daughters and I love a challenge. So, back in late May we decided to take each other on in a $5 Dollar Store Challenge. We found inspiration over at Lindsay's Blog, Living With Lindsay. This is how this challenge goes. You shop your local Dollar Store spending no more than $5 on supplies. Then you put your purchases together, in a different way and make something brand new. You CAN use SOME supplies that you have on hand at your house already to complete it. For our challenge, we decided to put in that it would have to be something patriotic, red, white and blue, or something using 4th of July type supplies, knowing that the completion date would be right around the first of July.

I walked in the door of the store about a month ago and found some really nice, thick placemats like these. The ones I picked up were red and white stripes with a blue star pattern. I was already thinking a purse of some kind so I knew I would need about 3; one for each side and one to cut up for the bottom and sides.

Now my eyes were beginning to see everything red, white and blue and as I passed the pet aisle, yes the pet aisle (!!!) I saw this.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Handles for my bag. Hey there is a bunch of rope in these things and the one I actually found was a round ball made up of twisted rope with a long rope to pull it with the dogs. (I went back to the Dollar Store to take pictures when I was all done and most of the items I chose were GONE)

So, purse it was going to be! Down another aisle I went knowing I had just $1 left to spend. This was my 5th and final choice.

It was a good thing I picked something like this because after cutting up the placemat, some of the edges were fraying pretty bad. Now I had my supplies, how was I going to put it all together?

In come inspiration from another Blog I frequent, The Crafting Chicks, for THIS cute little project. My grandson would LOVE getting something like this from his Gramma!! The front and back of the bag was made with 2 placemats. Then the third placemat was used for the sides and bottom as predicted. Satin ribbon was stitched on all around the top of the bag. I had some large purse grommets for the rope to go through. Wow! Had ALOT of trouble setting those. It was my first time and maybe I was doing something wrong. But look! They finally were set properly!

The dog rope was put through the grommet, tied in a half knot and frayed out to be fluffy.

Once the bag was together, It was time to decorate. Being a cardmaker, I had red star paper and blue and white cardstock. I cut them to fit into one of the clear vinyl badge holder I already had in my stash. Then I put Scott's name on it with some patriotic alphabet stickers I've had for a LONG time. A little glitter and glue finished off the tag. Then I stamped some alphabet stars from a retired Stampin' Up set, punched them out with a star punch and ran them through my Xyron laminator. Some red and blue fluffy fibers through an eyelet is then tied into my satin ribbon that is tied around a handle. HERE IT IS!!!



And what kind of Gramma would I be if I didn't fill it with some fun things for Scott and his brother.... Dollar Store finds of course!

This was one FUN project!! Go to your Dollar Store one of these days and try it for yourself. If you go to the Living with Lindsay blog above and see how others took the challenge back in March and what they came up with.

My competition you ask? Well, my oldest daughter, Becca, bought 2 pillow cases; one a denim color blue and the other a small red and white stripe, a small elastic headband. She used her own thread, scrap red, white and blue material and a button cover for the headband. And check out this cute.......

SUNDRESS and headband for her little niece due in November! This project is not quite completed yet. She wants to put some Star applique's across the front and add a little diaper cover/ panty for under it. I can't tell you how SOFT and sweet this little outfit is. So watch out baby boys July 4th 2011!! Melody's baby is going to WOW you with this adorable dress!

Close-Up of Headband

Our Model, Everest. Yes, he's a boy and his Daddy is going to KILL us!! But cute, huh?

Tiffany is still working on hers. It involves napkins and a wreath form..... It's going to be SO cute!! I will feature it on here when she is done. Her little son, Everest, is keeping her pretty busy these days and she has been getting ready for a move so it has taken her a bit longer.

What are you going to make today??

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A "Succulent" Cup of Tea - Photo Tutorial

I've not been doing all that much cardmaking or stamping lately, but I have been creative. This week's project a cute little "cup of tea".

My friend, Robin, was celebrating her Birthday this weekend and I wanted to make her something special. My daughter and I made a trip to TJ Max for inspiration and I found the cutest little polka dotted teacup and saucer. It came in 3 colors, green, red and blue. Since I know green is the color of growth, I chose that. The small Robin (yes, I picked that because my friend's name is Robin) was found at our local Ace Hardware store.

You can see the little Robin with it's redbreast on the saucer.

Supplies you will need :

Small statues, shiny rocks or pebbles, word stones, marbles, etc.
About 4 or 5 small cactus or succulents (without thorns... MY FAVORITE!)
Cactus Potting Soil: It IS important to use this with succulents because they like to drain and not sit with wet roots
Pitcher of water
A small bowl or pot to mix the soil and water together
A small container or spoon to help add dirt to the "tight" areas.

Open and pour 3 to 4 cups of cactus soil into your mixing pot. Add a cup of water and mix around with your hands.

The soil should feel damp but NOT muddy. Allow the soil to continue soaking up the water while you gather your succulents.

I've chosen several different leaf sizes, colors, and sizes of plants. That will add interest to your finished pot. You can put the ones that tend to stand tall in the middle and those that one day will trail over the edge around the outside edges of the pot. Remember to mix up the colors and leaf types for interest.

Begin adding soil to your pot of choice. I'll put soil in about halfway, then measure using the succulents existing pot to determine proper depth. You want your cactus to sit in the dirt at the same depth it was in its small pot.

Continue adding your plants around the edges filling in soil as you go. Remember to leave some room for your stones or statues.

As the space gets a little tighter, change from your hands to a shot glass or spoon so you can ensure all the roots are covered and pressed in firmly. When you are finished, you can use either a damp towel to brush off any accumulated dirt that doesn't belong. Add your focal piece and....



There you have it, simple, fun, and easy to maintain. I hope you give it a try and if you do, show me YOUR creation. I'd LOVE to see!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Shabby Chic Banner For My Guest Room

My crafting has taken a back seat to all the house fix-ups we've been doing. So I was VERY excited when I was able to combine my craftiness AND fix up my guest room space all at the same time.

When I was cruising the internet about a week ago, I found this really cute banner and class being offered by Donna Salazar. Such a cute little "Dream" banner.

Got me thinking.... what a cute idea for my 2nd Guest room. A very sweet lady, (Hi Bette and thanks again!), gifted me a lovely full size white iron bed. Its going to be the focal point of the room. Found some really cute bedding on E-bay, a cute little rug from Ross and using some old photographs, vases, etc. I'm transforming the room into the cutest little guest room you ever saw! Now, on to the banner.....

And here is how this adorable banner looks all put together.

And look at these! Yesterday's trip to Ross "scored" me a couple of really cute vases with a rose on them. $8.99.... gotta LOVE that price!

And with hubby's help, we transformed them into cute little


Yes they are two different sizes and we are running to another Ross in the area today to try and find another of the same size, but they turned out so cute!! He used a drill bit to make a small hole for the cord to come out in the back and bought a lamp kit and harp to finish it off. They are just PERFECT for the space.

Some of the supplies used in the banner:

Acrylic Beads - Blue Moon Lost & Found Collection, Star Charms - Blue Moon Tokens, Stickles - Cotton Candy, Crystal & Yellow , Crystal Effects, Dew Drops, Various Papers, Tim Holtz Distress Ink - Vintage Photo, Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch, Big Shot Stampin' Up Pennant Die, Stampin' Up 5 Petal Punch, Crop-o-Dile & Eyelets, Scallop Circle - Cricut - Mini Monograms, Alpha Circle on Pennant, Cricut - Simply Sweet, Buttons, Lace & Ribbon (Walmart)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Box of Hearts

I'm so excited today because I can finally share my "Box of Hearts" with you!

Last week, I sent my sister one for a Valentine's gift and she just got it yesterday. She's one of my best readers and I wanted her gift to be a total surprise. Saturday morning, my "Breakfast Buddy" friends and I got together and I gave a box to each of them. So here is is......

It's based on THIS post by Ali Edwards. I loved her butterfly box so much I thought it would be neat to try other punches used the same way. Here's a picture of the box she made using the Martha Stewart Butterfly punch.

There were so many different and beautiful heart punches out there over the Valentine holiday and I used the EK Success X-Large Heart Punch for my hearts. I liked the size, about 2 1/2 inches, which gave me space to embellish in. The paper is "Mariposa" from DCWV (Die Cuts with a View) and it's SO romantic and beautiful, I knew the hearts would turn out awesome. Each little heart is then embellished with a little extra. This heart is stamped with the word LOVE.

Here are a few more so you can see the detail. The first has a Martha Stewart Butterfly punch in coordinating paper. Next is a sticky back pearl half on a button. Below is a Tim Holtz Idea-ology Foliage Flower and brad. Then another cute little Tim Holtz piece, the Trinket pin with a little "X" and "O" bead.

Some had little sticky diamonds on them. Others had flowers with pearl brad centered flowers. There is even a cute little Yo-Yo fabric heart I made using THIS.

The little hugs and kisses pin quickly became my favorite!

I hope all of you had a great Valentine's Day and made many people handy with your crafts.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Recreation - My Word Of The Year

I chose a Word of the Year this year, RECREATE. For those of you new to choosing a Word of the Year, it's picking a focus word that describes your intention for the upcoming year. If you're interested in picking YOUR word, a really good list can be found HERE at Ali Edwards Design: One Little Word: 2010 Word List.

This journal started with a black and white composition book for around $1. I used 4 sheets of scrapbook paper, 2 in each color, along with some white cardstock for the lace treatment. The flower is covered chipboard from Stampin' Up and chipboard letters were inked up with Stampin' Up Pumpkin Pie ink. Since the R and E had already been used up, I used the outsides which at first made me feel so uncomfortable but ended up so cute!

I embellished it with fibers, Tim Holtz keys and a fragment which I still need to decorate and a little butterfly pendant that opens to reveal a mirror. I also used an Inkadinkado clear stamp, Garden Words, for the stamping.

Inside the journal are pockets to put little inspirational tags into or momentos of times I spent relaxing this year. It was a really fun project to complete and I use it weekly to recap successes in my week. Try one today. Basic instructions for a journal can be found HERE.

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